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Anonymous asked
Could you write an imagine on how you and Luke find out y/n is pregnant, maybe Luke can be like "you might be pregnant" and then it's a lot of fluff and he is sweet about it. Pretty please :))

Thank you so much for the request. I really liked this one, I hope you like it

Here’s the link to it: luke-pregnancy-fluff

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Luke Pregnancy Fluff

Requested: Yes/No

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"Your pregnant" Luke stated more than asked as he stood in the bathroom, back turned to you, looking down on the pregnancy test that was lying on the edge of the sink. Luke had disappeared upstairs a half an hour ago, making you worry as he said he would be right down. When you went upstairs to investigate where he was you found him in the bathroom looking at something on the sink. That’s when you remembered the pregnancy test which you had done earlier and had forgotten to dispose of. "Yeah" you said quietly, almost whispered. Luke turned around to face you, you couldn’t tell if he was happy or not. "I was going to tell you, but…" You trailed off not sure what to say. The truth was you were scared to tell Luke in case  he was angry and didn’t want to stay with you. His career was just taking off and this was going to weigh him down. You sat down on the floor against the bathtub, wrapping your arms around your legs that were pressed against your chest. There was a little bump forming already. "But what Y/N?" he asked. "I’m scared that everything will change between us" you said truthfully. "I’m scared that you’ll leave or love me less because me and this baby are going to weigh down your career. You’ve only just really started living your dream and I don’t want to stop you from doing that" Luke walked over and sat down beside you, wrapping his arms around you. You laid your head on his shoulder and he lay his on top of yours. "You might be pregnant Y/N but that’s not going to change anything" he said. "Well it is, were gonna be having a child of our own" he laughed and so did you. "But I’m not going to leave you or love you any less. If anything I’m going to love you more because you’re having my child and I’m going to be there for everything no matter what, I promise" he said. "Good, because I don’t think I’ll be able to do this alone" you said, looking up at him. "You would be, but your not going to have to. I’ll be there for everything. The first doctors appointment. The first dentist appointment. I’m gonna buy them their first CD, bring them to their first concert and help them to learn an instrument. I’ll take them out Trick or Treating and I’ll buy them so many things for Christmas and make it magical for them. At Easter I’ll buy them so much chocolate they’ll puke" "And who’s going to clean that up?" you asked him "I will of course" he replied laughing. " And what about all the sleeping loss?" You asked. "Well you should be used to that by now" he said with a wink. You slapped his arm. "Well It sounds like your gonna be the cool parent" you said. "I am" he replied and laughed when you shot him a look. "We’re both gonna be cool parents" he said. Luke leaned down and kissed you. "You going to be the best mom in the world Y/N" he said "I love you". He then leaned down to your belly "And I love you too" he said. Then he stood up and put out his hand for you. You took it and stood up. "Come on, I feel like hot chocolate, a cuddle and a good movie" he said as you both walked out of the bathroom, his hand around your waist.

A/N: I hope you liked it, sorry I’m not that good a fluff

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